The Legal Impact Of Social Media On Divorce

facebookcomputerFacebook is a wonderful tool of communication, networking and staying in touch with long-lost friends or family members who may live far away. However, Facebook activity is being used more and more in situations like divorce and the results can be a devastating tool against the party.

Most people post events, thoughts, ideas, pictures and information to Facebook without regard to interpretation of the post. What might be intended as an innocent post from the author could later turn into evidence and used against them in a divorce.

Increasingly, Facebook is being used to establish a person’s behavior in regards to fitness as a parent, lifestyle choices that are contrary to the best interests of the children. Information mined from the social media site has even established extramarital affairs.

There are many ways to obtain the information on Facebook, but the easiest way is by simply logging on and making a copy of the careless postings of individuals who are in the process of a divorce or the opposing side of a party contemplating a divorce. Past postings along with current postings can establish behavior that can be used against a party in a divorce.

It’s important to realize that content posted on Facebook and other social media sites will have an audience and could have a very detrimental impact on them. Consequences from careless status updates, pictures, or comments could be seen instantly or years down the road.

How can you prevent your personal Facebook page from becoming a treasure chest of evidence that could potentially be used against you? Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want mom reading to your church congregation on Sunday morning. It’s best to keep private events private.

Leif R. Hampton