Representing Your Rights as a Parent

Hire Leif Rush Hampton for your Tuscaloosa, AL child support case

Are you involved in a child support case? Leif Rush Hampton, Attorney at Law, P.C. will aggressively pursue the best legal outcome for you. He’ll take a personal interest in your situation as he

guides you through the Alabama family court system. He can help by:Close-up Of Nameplate Displaying Child Support And Legal Gavel On Wooden Desk In Court

Reviewing all proposed child support orders.
Examining whether or not all relevant sources of income have been included in a child support calculation.
Filing a post-decree request for modification or enforcement of court orders.

Leif Rush Hampton has assisted same-sex couples and domestic partners. Trust your child support case to a capable lawyer.

Mount a child support contempt defense

Have you been accused of failing to pay child support? Don’t let your rights be ignored – Leif Rush Hampton can defend you. Call 205-752-1722 to schedule a consultation.